About Doghouse Knits

doghouseknits.com is owned and operated by Knit Your Dog, Inc. All sales are transacted either via our Etsy shop, KnitsFromTheDoghouse, or by contacting us using the Golden Retriever on this site.

Doghouse Knits and KnitsFromTheDoghouse: it’s complicated

Our Etsy shop is KnitsFromTheDoghouse, but there is also a DoghouseKnits shop on Etsy that does not belong to doghouseknits.com. Confused? It’s no wonder.

Here’s what happened: Knit Your Dog, Inc. purchased the URL doghouseknits.com ages ago, but only got around to setting up the Etsy shop on October 6, five days after Pamela Williams had set up DoghouseKnits on Etsy. When we went to set up our Etsy shop, of course we couldn’t get our name, so we improvised. Likewise, when Pamela went to buy her domain name, she couldn’t get hers, so she improvised. And then we all had a chuckle about it.

DoghouseKnits on Etsy is a lovely shop and we especially love the Hound-headed Christmas stockings. Even more than that, we love that Pamela uses her shop to support greyhound rescue work. Since most of the inhabitants of this Doghouse are rescues, we are thrilled that Pamela supports greyhound rescue. And we hope you’ll visit her shop too!

Our Team

Jeannie: Chief Artist and Dog Walker

Jeannie is the creative force behind Doghouse Knits, and she also feeds and walks the inspirations!

The Shed Squad

Shed Squad: Clarence, Chloe, and ShadowClarence, Chloe, and Shadow are the canine version of the Mod Squad. Everybody loves them, they love everybody, and they need to go out, no matter the weather. Their coats keep them warm; Jeannie’s handiwork covers the rest of us.

Our Office Manager

Meet Mustang Sally From The Alley. A rescue like everyone in the Shed Squad, she runs the joint. We’re all on her payroll and her clock.

Sally the Office Manager


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